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Hi, I am Matthieu Dufour,
Toulouse based multidisciplinary designer & motion specialist hell-bent on delivering great visual experiences for your communication.

Currently working full-time at Eurécia,
I am not taking on additional freelance jobs at the moment.

A visual expertise rather
than an eye for design

My versatile approach to graphic design provides me insight into composition, color, proportion relationships, lighting and perspective. These notions are backed by a strong visual and technical culture acquired through different media, and allow me to find creative solutions which fit whatever the visual language of your brand.

When substance and form
come together

Because I believe every message is unique and target specific, I deal with every single project on a case-by-case basis, and do my best to come up with a suitable design depending on the medium used. As an art director, I thrive to ensure you address and reach your audience by delivering a seamless integration of your message in a visual form.


I devote myself to helping brands find their visual language

This systematic approach allows me to find creative solutions empowered by a robust technical background and digital culture. Moreover, having lived and worked in the UK for several years, my proficiency in english is a major asset for handeling international clients.

My versatility in all things graphics stems from a vast range of skills from visual identity, layout, typography to UI, motion design, FX, grading, modeling and product rendering and provide me with a comprehensive vision that helps me meet the needs of my clients.

My work has been featured on Design Rush's video design award.



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